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Are you planning to remove a big old tree in the middle of your garden that is threatening your house and safety? Or perhaps you need a regular tree trimming company to take good care of the trees in front of your house or office building? Solid Oak Tree Service is the perfect answer to all your tree care questions. We have been serving both residential and commercial customers in Sarver PA for more than 11 years now. The combined experience of our experts is more than 55 years and we have helped hundreds of people all across the region. We have the confidence to say that we are one of the leading providers of tree pruning and other services in the area.

Sunburst in woodsTree trimming, also known as tree pruning, is performed by selectively cutting specific branches of a tree. This process can be very difficult and hazardous to perform by any amateur, especially if the tree is tall one. You’ll need a lot of equipment and skills to complete even seemingly easy tasks. That’s why we highly recommend hiring a professional tree service provider for the job in order to preserve the safety of you and your property.

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Solid Oak Tree Service also specialize in tree removal. Sometimes this task may require heavy machinery and a lot of experience. Before cutting a tree you must observe the surroundings carefully and see if there are any obstacles or objects that might be in the way. Choosing the correct type of notch and aiming the lean of the tree in a specific direction can be difficult or even impossible for an inexperienced company. You should put your trust in the experts to carry out the task, since most times there are power lines or some kind of structure nearby.

walk awayWhen the tree is finally on the ground the real work of the tree removal takes place, whether it has just been cut or it fell down by itself during a storm. The remains have to be carried away and sometimes serious machinery is required. The final step of the process is usually the hardest and some inexperienced companies just can’t handle it. We are true experts when it comes to stump removal. Our vast experience and extensive knowledge are unmatched by any other contractor in the area. We have all the necessary tools and skills that allow us to always deliver outstanding results and finish the job in a timely fashion. Nonetheless, our experts will do an amazing job in cleaning up the mess.

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May 08, 2012 by Jonathan

Solid Oak Tree Service did a splendid job at my garden. I really appreciate the help they provided. I highly recommend their service.
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Sun rays  in a forest.Contact Solid Oak Tree Service today at (724) 712 7807 to get the most reliable tree service provider in the entire Sarver PA area. Our prices are more than competitive because we believe that everyone should be able to afford quality tree trimming and removal services. We also offer a 10% discount for any job that is worth over $500. We are proud to be affiliated with the famous Angie’s List. For your safety our company is fully licensed, insured and most importantly – all our work is 100% guaranteed! We work everyday from 8:00AM to 8:00PM and we offer a 24/7 emergency service. Don’t waste anymore time and call us today, our experts will be more than happy to come to the site and give you a free estimate.

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